Investment Strategy

Our primary goal is to achieve long-term capital appreciation for our clients. RCG’s investment approach is equity oriented and reflects our belief that equity securities offer the best opportunity for significant long-term returns. Our investment strategy was developed through education and application over decades.

Our portfolios are concentrated, and heavily weighted in businesses and industries where we have significant business insight and experience including: Technology, Telecommunications, Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary.

We are opportunistic in that we invest in the best opportunities where we find them across market capitalizations. Our research process is bottom-up driven, and we analyze each investment on its own merits. We focus on making investments in companies with a view towards longer-term holdings and lower turnover as a means for capital appreciation. The Firm’s investment process contains elements of both “growth” and “value” styles. Ultimately, we seek to construct portfolios comprised of companies that are mis-priced in the market and sell at attractive absolute valuations, or do not fully reflect the opportunity for long-term compounding returns.  

Our investment vehicles include an equity long/short commingled hedge fund, and a long-only, concentrated, opportunistic product, both of which follow the same fundamental investment process. We believe in our products, and we ensure that our incentives are aligned by investing our personal assets alongside those of clients. We believe in investing client assets as we would our own, because we do.