John McHugh

Senior Investment Analyst, Richie Capital Group

John McHugh is a Senior Investment Analyst at Richie Capital Group. He is a deeply experienced stock market analyst and investor who honed his research skills as an equity analyst at Kemper Securities and Hambrecht & Quist (now part of J.P. Morgan), where he covered the healthcare services sector. 

His passion for more generalized stock analysis prompted him to join the small cap equity research team at Emerging Growth Management and later at Sterling Johnston Capital Management, where he was senior portfolio manager.  In 1998, McHugh founded a successful long/short equity hedge fund, Pelican Partners, which he closed in 2001 to focus on managing his personal investments.

Mr. McHugh has experience investing in nearly every industry, and he has successfully navigated over 3 decades of market and economic cycles. He is deeply committed to applying this vast stock market experience to delivering outsized performance for the benefit of Richie Capital clients.