The Journey Begins

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

And so it begins.

A new beginning.  A pursuit of passion.  A pursuit of investing excellence.

In 2016, we are marking the official launch of Richie Capital Group.

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RCG, is a firm focused on providing superior equity returns for our clients. Our initial offerings will include discretionary investment management services for High Net Worth and Institutional Investors. Additionally, we will provide investment advisory and financial planning services on a limited basis. Over time, I hope this will evolve into private funds and other discretionary investment strategies which leverage our investment process across both public and private equities.  The long-term vision, is for a multi-product asset management firm akin to a Neuberger Berman where we seek to be “Investors” in every sense of the word as it permeates our products, people and culture.

This Blog is dedicated to identifying and analyzing interesting investment opportunities using a fundamental valuation approach. I have no qualms about presenting “ideas” as I may or may not act on them and these ideas may be presented long after they were interesting to me and our clients. Publishing ideas helps me hone my strategies through feedback and commentary which ultimately furthers my learning.  And it provides a means for prospective clients to better understand the firm and our thinking. Finally, it will force me to continue to push forward to keep ahead of the pack.

“If you keep learning all the time, you have a wonderful advantage…” – Charlie Munger

The investing approach incorporates a mix of value and growth (along with occasional special situations).  I typically see the most interesting opportunities within small and mid-cap equities. However, we are capitalization agnostic.  In all cases, the goal is capital appreciation and we expect our investment opportunities to outperform the market over time. We are constant consumers of new information and we continue to learn and evolve.  My investing approach has been shaped by a mix of my Wharton education, professional and personal experiences as well as some of my favorite investment books including:

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Khadir Richie, Principal, Richie Capital Group

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