From Hofstadter to Organic Free Range

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  1. Thanks for the interesting article.

    Bonobos’ model wreaks of Apple store’s delivery model too. – Relatively few stores, – very good, focused, technical expertise (only for Apple hardware and software). I have a feeling there’s lots of touchin’/feelin’ at the stores, and final decision makin’ in front of device screens with multiple windows of competing options before, …Decision made. …Ship n track to doorstep. …repeat! Genius!

    In addition to Amazon adding more paths to an already highly intelligent neural delivery network, also helping to mitigate risk/justify purchase, i’d imagine that Whole Foods also has a cult following that would be easy to expand if given an online, still fresh, good quality delivery option. Especially since they’ve already made the quality, vs value, vs cost calculations. For them, it’s simply a matter of factoring in the expanded lifestyle options offered by a “Whole Foods quality”/“Amazon convenience” “multi-task friendly” product.

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